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Sherborne rise and recline chairs

Sherborne and E & M have formed a strong partnership and have been working together supplying throughout Lincolnshire for many years. Sherborne has come a long way in over 85 years since starting off in a small unit to becoming one of the largest upholstery manufacturers in the UK.

Specialising in both rise and recline chairs and also full suites with a huge range of fabric and leather options. Sherborne also offers a comprehensive 5 year guarantee on all frames recliner actions and electrics.

We at E & M stock a comprehensive range of models in our large showroom for you to view try and select from and our staff are always on hand to advise you on all options fabrics and styles available.

Call in to view these take a brochure to browse in your own time and we are sure you wont be disappointed. Below are a just few examples. Click on an image to enlarge.


Lynton Std. 'Lift & Rise' Recliner pg8 (ER)Petite Lynton Fireside Chair pg49 (L) Rembrandt Std. Settee+Chair pg29 (F) Rembrandt Large-Std. Corner Suite+Stools pg29 (F) Ashford Small Reclining 2-Seater Settee, Small Fixed Chair pg25 (F)Kensington and Lynton Fireside Chairs pg7 (MB)